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Matt Kreis

Co-Founder of CoreStrategies

"The program provided subtleties that have made a world of difference to the way we conduct online meetings - from the way we deliver to how our messages are received. I had many penny drop moments and lots of moments of clarity and since then we've been implementing those in every single one of our meetings."

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  • Win back wasted time

    Approximately 33.4% of time spent in meetings is wasted. This equates to 2 months per person per year. Use our system to win back this time for productive use in your role and your business

  • Build better self directing teams

    If done well, meetings are vitally important for ensuing that you know what is expected of you, to know you're included, trusted and make better decisions that contribute to achieving your goals

  • Increase employee engagement

    90% of employees daydream & 73% of employees do other work during meetings. We provide you with practical strategies and tactics to stimulate employee engagement and job fulfilment

This program gives you

  • help for facilitators of meetings and meeting attendees to improve their productivity and the effectiveness of meetings

  • expertise modelled from genius facilitators of meetings

  • 13 keys for running online and in-person meetings like magic

  • each key comes with one or more experiential learning activities to embed the new skill

  • 6 hours of training video set within a meeting scenario

  • a series of lessons where each video is supported with written instruction for the topic and its practice exercises

  • step-by-step proven processes and communication patterns for success

  • instruction by two leading facilitators; specialists in 'modelling experts and expertise' and training

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What's included in this course

  • 1

    Free chapter preview; How to keep meetings on-topic and save time!

  • 2


    • Welcome

  • 3

    Overview of 'Keys to run online meetings like magic'

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Overview of the 'Keys to run online meetings like magic' Quiz

  • 4

    Our agenda for this program

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Template: Meeting Agenda

    • Quiz

  • 5

    Pre-meeting preparation

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Pre-meeting preparation Quiz

  • 6

    Building rapport

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Quiz

  • 7

    Calibration; The art of reading non-verbals for clarity and congruence

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise: Calibrating Self

    • Quiz: Intuition Signals

    • Lesson & Exercise: Calibrating Others

    • Lesson & Exercise: Calibrating Others

    • Quiz: Calibrating others

  • 8

    Framing; Setting the agenda with outcomes and intentions

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Quiz

  • 9

    Outcome intention consequences

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Quiz

  • 10

    Well-formed outcome

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Well-formed outcome

    • Quiz

  • 11

    The congruency test and calling incongruence

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Quiz: Congruence

  • 12

    Relevancy challenge; Keeping participants on track

  • 13

    Analogue marking

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Quiz: Analogue Marking

  • 14

    Specifier questions; Getting critical 'need to know' information

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Quiz: Specifier Questions

  • 15

    Backtrack paraphrase; Testing for understanding, responsibility and accountability

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Template: Meeting Record

    • Backtrack Quiz

  • 16

    Managing impasses

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Managing Impasses Quiz

  • 17

    Devil's advocate; Managing and utilising concerns, counter examples and critiques

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Lesson & Exercise

    • Devil's Advocate Quiz

  • 18

    Review the meeting

    • Lesson

    • Lesson

    • Review the meeting Quiz

  • 19

    Course review

    • Lesson

    • Lesson

    • Course Review Quiz

  • 20

    A new way of meeting and communicating

    • Lesson

    • Lesson

  • 21

    Your feedback

    • 4 question survey

    • Testimonial

  • 22

    Optional; A helping hand

    • A Helping Hand

Read what our participants say

NSW Area Manager for InStitchu

Loris Micheletti

This program was insightful and I liked the way it was delivered. It is easy to absorb, understand, learn and remember. For me, this program is what I really needed to learn as I have to do a lot of meetings during the week with Senior Management or my staff. After this program, I was able to apply what I had learnt and I was really surprised at the results. It is really important to know what you are organising a meeting for; what you have to prepare before the meeting and how to run the meeting to make sure you achieve your outcome. I highly recommend this program so you too can run meetings like magic.

Chief Commercial Officer of 3DOTDIGITAL

Samantha Garbutt

I was a recent participant of 'Keys to run online meetings like magic' program. In light of COVID-19 and our distributed workforce, I am a part of many corporate online meetings in my role. I thought there must be a way to make the meetings more effective, reach set outcomes with full participation and maintain rapport through the screen. One major takeaway is how I can respectfully refocus the conversation when others who try to take it off track. Secondly, how to handle an impasse, a deadlock without shutting participants down. The highlight of the program as a whole is that it is experiential and engaging. Because I was able to try things for myself and debrief with others, I captured so much more and this was all able to occur online itself. Since attending the course, I have become more confident in leading online meetings. What is more exciting, is that my colleagues who have also participated in the program, are maintaining greater rapport in meetings and ensuring we remain on track. I have even noticed that the meetings are getting shorter yet all outcomes are achieved...Magic!

Co-Founder of CoreStrategies

Matt Kreis

I run a consultancy that does a lot of business through online video conferencing. And whilst we've always done meetings very effectively, in light of the recent pandemic, we realised it was even more important to get the most out of online meetings. When I heard that Geoff and Chris were putting their insights together in the 'Keys to run online meetings like magic' workshop, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. The program provided subtleties that have made a world of difference to the way we conduct online meetings - from the way we deliver to how our messages are received. This program has also helped me in unexpected ways. For instance, to educate others on the importance of getting online meetings correct and on the massive assumptions around some of the things you feel like you're missing out on by having online versus face-to-face meetings. Thanks to Geoff and Chris in the content they've put together, this course has really helped me understand that a lot of the strengths and the things you get from face-to-face you can actually do online as well very effectively and get the results you're after. It was outstanding. I had many penny drop moments and lots of moments of clarity and since then we've been implementing those in every single one of our meetings. I would suggest this program is worth a look from your end too.

CEO of Brava Ltd

Blair Stevenson

I'm a sales coaching specialist and I recently attended the ‘Keys to run online meetings like magic’ program run by Chris Collingwood and Geoff Wade. And I've got to say that Chris and Geoff are two of their most consciously effective communicators that I've ever met, and I've met a lot - but there are very few as good as Geoff and Chris. What they don't know about effective communication frankly isn't worth knowing. I'll just briefly mention a couple of things – a couple of key takeaways for me from the program. One of things I learnt about, in some depth, was something I vaguely knew about - which was the idea of frame control. If you're not aware of it, that's okay. An example of frame control would be setting your intention for the meeting and the outcome that you're seeking from it. But that idea of frame control I learnt was super important right throughout the meeting and I got a lot out of just really understanding that concept in more depth and how I could apply it. I picked up a whole bunch of finer points along the way, for example, in terms of meeting structure how to order the agenda according to some specific criteria and that's been really helpful for me as well. So overall, I got a great deal out of the program. It's certainly helping me structure how I run online meetings more effectively and I'd recommend the program to anyone who wants to run really effective online meetings.
Watch Intro Video

Why do this course?

3:55 min video

Meet the instructors

Geoffrey Wade

Geoffrey is the co-founder of the Performance Breakthru Academy. He is a management consultant with over 30 years of experience in growing companies and change management. Geoffrey has Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, MBA, Graduate Certificate in NLP and NLP Trainer qualifications. Geoffrey has been an executive coach, business performance improvement and leadership development and management consultant and seminar presenter since 1998.

Chris Collingwood

Chris is the co-founder of Performance Breakthru Academy. Chris specialises in one to one work with people, course design and accreditation, and the training of corporate consultants and executive coaches. Chris holds a Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems, a Degree in Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in NLP and a Masters degree in Applied Science Social Ecology. He has over twenty years experience in coaching, consulting and leading seminars in Australia, Indonesia, India, New Zealand and the US.

How experiential learning makes our course different to the rest

One of the most common complaints one hears is that conventional training in any form, whether via book, workshop, seminar, or online courses, has little or no impact on post training participant behaviour or business results. This complaint is backed up by a number of studies that confirm that traditional training does not change the behaviour, attitudes, or results of the majority of participants. The same research found some instances where training actually resulted in real behaviour change and business results.


There were two factors common to the successes. One was a different training format that developed behavioural competence and the other was follow-up on-the-job coaching.


The skills that work are known. But most traditional training involves a recipe book approach where specific examples of successful behaviours are taught. Traditional trainers attempt to create behavioural change directly with new behaviour. What results is that the graduates can talk about what to do (e.g. answer test questions) but they fail to develop the flexible behavioural competence and capability in real life. 


However, when training is designed with the principles of Cognitive Load Theory to ensure the information is packaged in a form that is easily learned, retained and applied and the program includes experiential learning (i.e learning by doing) it can deliver powerful behavioural change. Experiential training provides leverage for the adaptive unconscious to accelerate learning speed by orders of magnitude and embed it in participants’ behaviour (Wilson, Timothy, 2002; Wegner, Daniel W, 2002). The process and the experience are structured in a way to ensure skills we teach are transferred directly from the training room to the meeting room. 


Optional follow-up coaching will develop mastery and embed skills even more quickly and achieve lasting behaviour changes and business results. In our ‘Keys to running online meetings like magic’ program the principles we teach are backed up by experiential exercises to assist participants to incorporate the skills into their behaviour. This results in more cost effective and productive meetings.


Wilson, Timothy D. (2002). Strangers to ourselves: discovering the adaptive unconscious. Harvard University Press

Wegner, Daniel W. (2002). The Illusion of Conscious Will. MIT Press

Vital verbal and non-verbal communication patterns

It is often believed some of the leadership skills required to manage people in meetings are instinctive BUT through modelling of people who demonstrate these talents we have been able to describe the skills in a form suitable for teaching and learning (transfer). Rather than just another content model (like Disc or Myer Briggs or HBDI) or a set of procedures (for example the universal script or the silver bullet) we provide a methodology for asking questions to gathering information based on the form of what is said in the meeting. Attending to the structure of what a person has said allows meeting facilitators to get high grade information even if they don’t have depth of situational expertise or technical knowledge. When running a meeting a facilitator wants to know whether attendees genuinely understand, whether they agree, whether they have buy-in and whether they are congruent with the intention and outcome for the meeting. Without this knowledge the meeting and the outcomes are at risk of failure. One of the skills we teach is how to read the unspoken cues that tell us all the above, and how to utilise the cues – either to get intrinsic motivation, gather further information or investigate parts of the agenda further. Sometimes in meetings people say ‘yes’ to action items when internally they are thinking ‘no’ because they have incomplete knowledge about what action needs to be taken and what obstacles they may face. It is always better to have people who motivate themselves. A person will have intrinsic motivation – a clear and concise representation of the necessary tasks when they are congruent with the task and outcome – (eg. it does not violate an internal value - this will be expressed in their unspoken communication). Intrinsic motivation is sustained with less time and energy than extrinsic.


  • Can I get a refund?

    No. But to ensure this course is right for you, we invite you to explore the free lesson - 'How to keep meetings on-topic and save time!'. When you do this, you'll feel confident about whether or not you want to sign up and engage in the learning of this incredibly useful program.

  • How long do I have to complete this course?

    You have access for 6 months

  • Why is this course so inexpensive?

    We believe that too many meetings are a waste of your valuable time. Sadly, around 90% of employees, have not been taught how to run effective meetings. We are on a mission to improve meetings - for everyone! This course has been designed specifically to help you get back more time so you can focus on your work, foster more collaborative and cohesive working relationships as well as gain more personal and career satisfaction. Hence, we want to help you improve the meetings you run or attend, by giving you access to some incredibly useful learning

  • Can I get 1-on-1 coaching to help me master the new skills faster?

    Yes, you can book online coaching sessions with our instructors. Go to the last chapter in the course 'Optional: A helping hand' and click on the link to book a session. Each session is US$35 per 15 minutes

  • How can I buy this online training for each of my employees?

    You can either pay for each of your employees singularly to sign up or contact us via the 'Book a time' button at the 'Discuss options 2 & 3 with us' below to enquire about an online group special. POA. For 20 employees and above

  • Can I organise a live workshop for my employees?

    Yes, we can organise a tailored 1 day online live workshop run by our trainers for your business. Enquire via the 'Book a time' button at the 'Discuss options 2 & 3 with us' below. US$815 per participant. 8 employee minimum